Purcell's Works: Purcell's Works (Incidental Music)

of Purcell Abdelazer. Fool's Preferment. Amphitryon. Aureng-Zebe. Bonduca. Circe. Cleomenes, the Spartan Hero. Distressed Innocence. Don Quixote. Epsom Wells. Henry the Second, King of England. History of King Richard the Second. Love Triumphant. Oedipus. Oroonoko. Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country. Regulus. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife. Sir Anthony Love. Sir Barnaby Whigg. Sophonisba. Canterbury Guests. Double Dealer. English Lawyer. Fatal Marriage. Female Virtuosos. Gordian Knot Unty'd. Indian Emperor. Knight of Malta. Libertine. Maid's Last Prayer. Marriage-hater Match'd. Married Beau. Massacre of Paris. Mock Marriage. Theodosius. Old Bachelor. Richmond Heiress. Rival Sisters. Spanish Friar. Virtuous Wife. Wives' Excuse. Tyrannic Love.

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(Operas and Semi-Operas)

(Odes and Welcome Songs)

(Songs, Arias and Catches)

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Z570 Incidental Music (1695)
Abdelazer -or- The Moor's Revenge [Aphra Behn]
  • Z570/1
  • Overture
  • Z570/2-9
  • Suite
  • Z570/10
  • Song
    Lucinda is bewitching fair

    Z572 Incidental Music (1690)
    Amphitryon -or- The Two Sosias [John Dryden]
  • Z572/1
  • Overture
  • Z572/2
  • Saraband
  • Z572/3?
  • Song
    Celia, that I once was blest
  • Z572/4-5?
  • Hornpipe/Scotch tune
  • Z572/6?
  • Song
    For Iris I sigh
  • Z572/7-9?
  • Air/Minuet/Hornpipe
  • Z572/11
  • Song
    For Iris and her swain
  • Z572/12
  • Bourrée

    Z573 Incidental Music (?1692)
    Aureng-Zebe -or- The Great Mogul [John Dryden]
  • Z573/1
  • Song
    I see, she flies me

    Z574 Incidental Music (1695)
    Bonduca -or- The British Heroine [(after) Fletcher]
  • Z574/1
  • Overture
  • Z574/2-9?
  • Suite
  • Z574/10
  • Catch
    Jack thou art a toper {3vv}
  • Z574/11
  • Prelude and Song
    Hear us great Rugwith
  • Z574/12
  • Song
    Hear, ye Gods of Britain
  • Z574/13
  • Song
    Sing, sing, ye Druids
  • Z574/14
  • Song
    Divine Andate, president of war
  • Z574/15
  • Symphony and Song
    To arms
  • Z574/16
  • Prelude and Song
    Britons strike home!
  • Z574/17
  • Prelude and Song
    O lead me to some peaceful gloom

    Z591 Incidental Music (1694)
    The Canterbury Guests -or- A Bargain Broken [Edward Ravenscroft]
  • Z591/1
  • Song
    Good neighbor why?

    Z575 Incidental Music (?1690)
    Circe [Charles d'Avenant]
  • Z575/1
  • Prelude and Song
    We must assemble by a sacrifice
  • Z575/2
  • Song
    Their necessary aid you use
  • Z575/3
  • Song
    Come every demon
  • Z575/4
  • Song
    Lovers, who to their first embraces go
  • Z575/5
  • Song
    Magician's Dance
  • Z575/6
  • Song
    Pluto arise!

    Z576 Incidental Music (1692)
    Cleomenes, the Spartan Hero [John Dryden, Thomas Southerne]
  • Z576/1
  • Song
    No, no, poor suff'ring heart

    Z577 Incidental Music (1694)
    Distressed Innocence -or- The Princess of Persia [John Crowne]
  • Z577/1
  • Overture
  • Z577/2-8
  • Suite
    Air/Slow Air/Air/Hornpipe or Jig/Rondeau/Air/Minuet

    Z578 Incidental Music (1694-5)
    Don Quixote [Thomas D'Urfey]
  • Z578/1
  • Song
    Sing all ye Muses
  • Z578/2
  • Song
    When the world first knew creation
  • Z578/3
  • Song
    Let the dreadful engines
  • Z578/4-5
  • Prelude and Song
    With this sacred charming wand
  • Z578/6
  • Song
    Since times are so bad
  • Z578/7
  • Prelude and Song
    Genius of England
  • Z578/8
  • Song
    Lads and Lasses, blith and gay
  • Z578/9
  • Song
    From rosie bow'rs

    Z592 Incidental Music (1693)
    The Double Dealer [William Congreve]
  • Z592/1
  • Overture
  • Z592/2-9
  • Suite
  • Z592/10
  • Song
    Cynthia frowns

    Z594 Incidental Music (1685)
    The English Lawyer [Edward Ravenscroft]
  • Z594/1
  • Catch
    My wife has a tounge {3vv}

    Z579 Incidental Music (1693)
    Epsom Wells [Thomas Shadwell]
  • Z579/1
  • Song
    Leave these useless arts

    Z595 Incidental Music (1694)
    The Fatal Marriage -or- The Innocent Adultery [Thomas Southerne]
  • Z595/1
  • Song
    The danger is over
  • Z595/2
  • Song
    I sigh'd and owned my love

    Z596 Incidental Music (1693)
    The Female Virtuosos [Thomas Wright (after Molière: 'Les Femmes savantes')]
  • Z596/1
  • Song
    Love, thou art best

    Z571 Incidental Music (1688)
    A Fool's Preferment -or- The Three Dukes of Dunstable [Thomas D'Urfey (after John Fletcher: 'Noble Gentleman')]
  • Z571/1
  • Song
    I sigh'd, and I pin'd
  • Z571/2
  • Song
    There's nothing so fatal as woman
  • Z571/3
  • Song
    Fled is my love
  • Z571/4
  • Song
    'Tis death alone
  • Z571/5
  • Song
    I'll mount to yon blue Coelum
  • Z571/6
  • Song
    I'll sail upon the Dog-star
  • Z571/7
  • Song
    Jenny, 'gin you can love
  • Z571/8
  • Song
    If thou wilt give me back my love

    Z597 Incidental Music (1691)
    The Gordian Knot Unty'd
  • Z597/1
  • Overture
  • Z597/2-9?
  • Suite
    Air/Rondeau Minuet/Air/Jig/Chaconne/Air/Minuet

    Z580 Incidental Music (1692)
    Henry the Second, King of England [? William Mountfort, John Bancroft]
  • Z580/1
  • Song
    In vain, 'gainst Love, in vain I strove

    Z581 Incidental Music (1681)
    The History of King Richard the Second -or- The Sicilian Usurper [Nathaniel Tate (after Shakespeare]
  • Z581/1
  • Song
    Retir'd from any mortal's sight

    Z598 Incidental Music (1691)
    The Indian Emperor -or- The Conquest of Mexico [John Dryden, Robert Howard]
  • Z598/1
  • Song
    I look'd and saw within

    Z599 Incidental Music (1691)
    The Knight of Malta [Francis Beaumont, John Fletcher]
  • Z599/1
  • Catch
    At the close of the evening {3vv}

    Z600 Incidental Music (?1692)
    The Libertine -or- The Libertine Destroyed [Thomas Shadwell]
  • Z600/1
  • Song
    Nymphs and shepherds/We come
  • Z600/2
  • Prelude and Song
    Prepare, prepare, new guests draw near
  • Z600/3
  • Prelude and Song
    To arms, heroic prince

    Z582 Incidental Music (1693)
    Love Triumphant -or- Nature Will Prevail [John Dryden]
  • Z582/1
  • Song
    How happy's the husband

    Z601 Incidental Music (1693)
    The Maid's Last Prayer -or- Any Rather Than Fail [Thomas Southerne]
  • Z601/1
  • Song
    Though you make no return
  • Z601/2
  • Song
    No, resistance is but vain
  • Z601/3
  • Song
    Tell me no more

    Z602 Incidental Music (1692)
    The Marriage-hater Match'd [Thomas D'Urfey]
  • Z602/1
  • Song
    As soon as the chaos
  • Z602/2
  • Song
    How vile are the sordid intregues

    Z603 Incidental Music (1694)
    The Married Beau -or- The Curious Impertinent [John Crowne]
  • Z603/1
  • Overture
  • Z603/2-9
  • Suite
    Slow Air/Hornpipe/Air/Hornpipe/Jig/Trumpet Air/March/Hornpipe on a ground
  • Z603/10
  • Song
    See! where repenting Celia lyes

    Z604 Incidental Music (1690)
    The Massacre of Paris [Nathaniel Lee]
  • Z604/A-B
  • Song
    Thy genius, lo (2 settings)

    Z605 Incidental Music (1695)
    The Mock Marriage [Thomas Scott]
  • Z605/1
  • Song
    Oh! how you protest
  • Z605/2
  • Song
    'Twas within a furlong
  • Z605/3
  • Song
    Man is for the woman made

    Z583 Incidental Music (?1692)
    Oedipus [John Dryden, Nathaniel Lee]
  • Z583/1
  • Prelude and Song
    Hear, ye sullen powers below
  • Z583/2
  • Song
    Music for a while
  • Z583/3
  • Song
    Come away, do not stay
  • Z583/4
  • Song
    Laius! Hear, hear

    Z607 Incidental Music (1691)
    The Old Bachelor [William Congreve]
  • Z607/1
  • Overture
  • Z607/2-9
  • Suite
    Hornpipe/Slow Air/Hornpipe/Rondeau/Menuet/Boree/March/Jig
  • Z607/10
  • Song
    Thus to a ripe, consenting maid
  • Z607/11
  • Song
    As Amoret and Thyrsis lay

    Z584 Incidental Music (1695)
    Oroonoko [Thomas Southerne]
  • Z584/1
  • Song
    Celemene, pray tell me

    Z585 Incidental Music (1695)
    Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country [Richard Norton]
  • Z585/1
  • Song
    Sweeter than roses
  • Z585/2
  • Song
    My dearest, my fairest

    Z586 Incidental Music (1692)
    Regulus -or- The Faction of Carthage [John Crowne]
  • Z586/1
  • Song
    Ah me! to many deaths

    Z608 Incidental Music (1693)
    The Richmond Heiress -or- A Woman Once in the Right [Thomas D'Urfey]
  • Z608/1
  • Song
    Behold the man
  • Z608/2?
  • Song

  • Z608/3?
  • Song

    Z609 Incidental Music (1695)
    The Rival Sisters -or- The Violence of Love [Robert Gould]
  • Z609/1
  • Overture
  • Z609/2-9?
  • Suite

  • Z609/10
  • Song
    Celia has a thousand charms
  • Z609/11
  • Song
    Take not a woman's anger ill
  • Z609/12
  • Song
    How happy, how happy is she

    Z587 Incidental Music (1693)
    Rule a Wife and Have a Wife [John Fletcher]
  • Z587/1
  • Song
    There's not a swain

    Z588 Incidental Music (1690)
    Sir Anthony Love -or- The Rambling Lady [Thomas Southerne]
  • Z588/1
  • Overture
  • Z588/2
  • Prelude and Song
    Pursuing Beauty
  • Z588/3
  • Song
    No more, Sir, no more
  • Z588/4
  • Song
    In vain Clemene
  • Z588/5
  • Ground

    Z589 Incidental Music (1681)
    Sir Barnaby Whigg -or- No Wit Like a Woman's [Thomas D'Urfey]
  • Z589/1
  • Song
    Blow, blow, Boreas, blow

    Z590 Incidental Music (?1685)
    Sophonisba -or- Hannibal's Overthrow [Nathaniel Lee]
  • Z590/1
  • Song
    Beneath the poplar's shadow

    Z610 Incidental Music (1694-5)
    The Spanish Friar -or- The Double Discovery [John Dryden]
  • Z610/1
  • Song
    Whilst I with grief

    Z606 Incidental Music (1680)
    Theodosius -or- The Force of Love [Nathaniel Lee]
  • Z606/1
  • Song
    Prepare, prepare, the rites begin
  • Z606/2
  • Song
    Can'st thou, Marina
  • Z606/3
  • Song
    The gate to bliss
  • Z606/4
  • Prelude and Song
    Hark! Hark! behold the heav'nly choir
  • Z606/5
  • Song
    Now the fight's done
  • Z606/6
  • Song
    Sad as death at dead of night
  • Z606/7
  • Song
    Dream no more of pleasures past
  • Z606/8
  • Song
    Hail to the myrtle shade
  • Z606/9
  • Song
    Ah cruel, bloody fate

    Z613 Incidental Music (1694)
    Tyrannic Love -or- The Royal Martyr [John Dryden]
  • Z613/1
  • Song
    Hark! my Damilcar!
  • Z613/2
  • Song
    Ah! how sweet it is to love

    Z611 Incidental Music (?1694)
    The Virtuous Wife -or- Good Luck at Last [Thomas d'Urfey]
  • Z611/1
  • Overture
  • Z611/2-9?
  • Suite
    Song tune/Slow Air/Air/Preludio/Hornpipe/Minuet/Minuet (1st Act tune)

    Z612 Incidental Music (1691)
    The Wives' Excuse -or- Cuckolds Make Themselves [Thomas Southerne]
  • Z612/1
  • Song
    Ingrateful love!
  • Z612/2
  • Song
    Hang this whining way of wooing
  • Z612/3
  • Song
    Say, cruel Amoret
  • Z612/4
  • Song
    Corinna, I excuse thy face


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