Purcell's Works: Purcell's Works (Full Index)

(Anthems and Services)

(Incidental Music)


(Operas and Semi-Operas)

(Odes and Welcome Songs)

(Songs, Arias and Catches)

Sonnata's of III Parts. Abdelazer. Fool's Preferment. Amphitryon. Aureng-Zebe. Bonduca. Circe. Cleomenes, the Spartan Hero. Distressed Innocence. Don Quixote. Epsom Wells. Henry the Second, King of England. History of King Richard the Second. Love Triumphant. Oedipus. Oroonoko. Pausanius, the Betrayer of his Country. Regulus. Rule a Wife and Have a Wife. Sir Anthony Love. Sir Barnaby Whigg. Sophonisba. Canterbury Guests. Double Dealer. English Lawyer. Fatal Marriage. Female Virtuosos. Gordian Knot Unty'd. Indian Emperor. Knight of Malta. Libertine. Maid's Last Prayer. Marriage-hater Match'd. Married Beau. Massacre of Paris. Mock Marriage. Theodosius. Old Bachelor. Richmond Heiress. Rival Sisters. Spanish Friar. Virtuous Wife. Wives' Excuse. Tyrannic Love. Dido and Aeneas. Dioclesian. King Arthur. The Fairy Queen. The Indian Queen. The Tempest. Timon of Athens. Anthems. Catches. Ten Sonata's in Four Parts. The Second Part of Musick's Hand-maid. Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary. Miscellaneous Instrumental. Odes and Welcome Songs. Hymns and Other Sacred Songs. Services. Songs.


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