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Unable to load a java1.2 environment.

This applet requires java 1.2 and java3D extensions. If you do not have these already installed, please read the paragraphs below.

This applet is under development, and I make no guarantees whatsoever about the accuracy or stability of this version. Use it at your own risk!
I would be very grateful to hear of any comments or suggestions you may have for this system.

About the plug-in mechanism

Unfortunately, current browsers are not set up "out-of-the-box" to display java3D applets. However, Netscape (3.0+) and Internet Explorer (4.0+) can be set up to work with these applets by use of a publically available and free plug-in mechanism (see general discussion on plug-ins from Netscape and from Microsoft- other browsers may also be capable, but I haven't much information on this).

Before you can use the eclipse viewer, you must be sure that the following has been done:

Warning: these downloads total about 8-10 megabytes. Both of these steps are usually straightforward, but the installations can be tempermental and you may have to do some experimenting to get things to work on your particular set-up.

To display the applet, almost any graphics hardware equal to or better than 800x600 resolution SVGA will work, but you will get very much better results with a good graphics accelerator card. On my 133MHz laptop, I get about one frame per second. On my 450 MHz workstation with a Diamond Viper video card I get about 80 frames per second. There is a discussion on hardware for java 3D at the java 3D Community site www.j3d.org.

Installing the Plug-in

The java 1.2 plug-in is at Sun's java plug-in site. If you go to the eclipse viewer page and you do not have the plug-in loaded, you will be prompted how to obtain it. But after that, you still must complete the extensions step before the page will display properly.

Installing the java 3D Extensions

The java3D extensions are found at http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/3D/download.html. From there, you will need to obtain a run-time environment for your platform, and then install a small number of executable files into the java plug-in. This process is described on the Sun java3D site.
General information on java and java 3D can be found on the Sun developer site, and many other places.

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Version 0.2: January 16, 2000