Elastic Collisions for Your Own Web Page

Brownian Motion

Applet code for this example:
<applet code="com.lmconsult.elastic102.BounceClient.class"
   archive="bounce.zip" codebase="Classes/" width="250" height="250">
<param name="field" value="000000,250,250">
<param name="obj0" value="ffffff,10">
<param name="impulse0" value="200,200,r">
<param name="obj1" value="">
<param name="obj2" value="">
<param name="obj3" value="">
<param name="obj4" value="">
<param name="obj5" value="">
<param name="obj6" value="">
<param name="obj7" value="">
<param name="obj8" value="">
<param name="obj9" value="">
<param name="obj10" value="">
<param name="obj11" value="">
<param name="obj12" value="">

If you have a fast processor, you can add a lot more objects.

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